Single Mom Faced Backlash For Delivering 8 Babies At Once. 10 Years Later She's Made Big Changes

When announcing her pregnancy, Octomom drew criticism from a few. However, she has also made a network of loyal fans and supporters. Whatever the audience's reaction, the mother of the octuplets has always done her best to take care of her young. She acted like a true mother, even though her decision did not always satisfy everyone. Today, let's see together where she's at with her octuplets?

Nadya Suleman had always been aware of her desire to be a mother. Even from her childhood, she dreamed of having several children. To tell the truth, Nadya began to feed her large family desire when she felt very lonely in her one-child reality. Born to immigrant parents from Lithuania and Iraq, Nadya always played alone and had almost no one to share her little secrets …

Although she had always known that she was going to be the mother of many children, she did not imagine it would be with octuplets. But she did what it took to achieve what she dreamed of from a very early childhood. So, one day, she learned that she was going to have octuplets. It was a miraculous announcement for her, she did not expect it at all.

Nadya Suleman started her plan to motherhood very early.  As soon as she left high school, she knew she wanted a life of single parenthood. Thus, she positioned herself as best she could to achieve this goal.

Although she mostly dreamed of becoming a mother, Nadya was also thinking about going to graduate school after college. However, she preferred to abandon academic projects to realize her greatest dream. At that time, Nadya was only an impressionable girl who did not quite have her head on her shoulders. Still, had clung to her dream.

The beautiful Nadya Suleman fell under the spell of a certain Marcos Gutierrez when she began to build her plans to become a mother. The man is far older than her and knew in all respects what he expected from the young woman. However, they really fell madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, their story was ephemeral.

Nadya entrusted to this man, a part in her biggest project of life. For his part, Gutierrez seemed perfectly up to make this project happen with Nadya. Indeed, he too wanted to become a father, but above all wanted to give a child to Nadya. Yet, things did not go as they would have liked them to happen!

During the year of their meeting, Nadya and Marcos got married. Happiness began to be felt in the air. In addition, Nadya earned her nursing degree in the field of psychiatry. She was educated at the University of Mt. San Antonio. Thanks to her knowledge, she had a job at the Norwalk Hospital in California and practiced in the psychiatry branch. Unfortunately, the work was very hard for her.

The dilemma was born from there. The young woman she was at the time saw greatvocation in her profession, on the other hand, she wanted to listen to the dream of becoming a mother. Of course, her work did not help him much to realize her dream! It turns out that her position as a nurse in the psychiatric department in fact hindered her.

The tragedy happened on September 18, 1999 for Nadya. That day, patients fought in the room where she was on duty. As a nurse, she had to do what was necessary to separate the brawlers. While she was busy, a wooden table flew through the air and landed right on her back. It was a day of fright for the nurse who despite all knew the risks of her job.

This incident caused Nadya a herniated disc. In order for her to recover from her injuries, the hospital gave her $ 170,000. With this money, she managed to get by as best she could for a while. The great concern of the woman, who was destined to be a mother, was how this would affect her. Because of this accident, she was totally broken.

As she was badly injured, Nadya could not continue working. Besides, every day, she felt the pain invade her. Despite the financial compensation she got, she could not live normally. Indeed, she sank, because she could not work anymore; even worse, she knew full well that her chances of carrying life were now minimal. Yet that was her only reason for living.

As time passed, Nadya also began to feel bad in her marriage. When she and her husband at the time, Marcos, celebrated their third year of marriage, Nadya realized a sad reality. In fact, she wondered why their attempt to become a parent never worked out all that time. To shed light on the mystery, the couple decided to consult a specialist.

Several medical follow-ups were undertaken by the couple to make their dream of becoming parents a reality. Unfortunately, each attempt was a failure. Still, they did not give up and kept doing things right. Over time though, Nadya began to become seriously depressed; nothing they tried worked and she had even more back pain.

Normally, conceiving a first child is a moment of intense happiness. This was not the case for Nadya and her husband. For Nadya in particular, the wait was too long and she had almost no energy to wait. To conclude this bad adventure, Nadya ended up learning that biologically, her husband could not give her a child. In order to remedy the problem, they had to think about alternative solutions.

For Nadya, it was clear that their only chance to conceive would be to try IVF. On the other hand, Marcos was totally reluctant to this idea. Because of the differences, the couple started to flounder. Each of them knew exactly what they wanted. Marcos did not want a medical solution to conceive and Nadya wanted to have a child at all costs.

Despite the oppositions of her husband, Nadya put back on the table the solution of in vitro fertilization. For this operation, the mother's egg is removed so that it can be fertilized outside the uterus. Once the fertilization is successful, they inseminate the egg in the body of the mother in the making. In short, the method is simple, but Marcos was totally opposed it. Moreover, he was determined to divorce Nadya if she moved towards this solution. For Nadya, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Nadya Suleman loved her life as a couple, and her husband. On the one hand, however, this life could not bring her her greatest desire, that of having a child. So she was caught in a vise, but certainly had to choose anyway. The dilemma was between the love of her life and her reason for living. In the end, she decided to give up the marriage to become a single parent.

The final separation of the couple took place in the early 2000s. After separating from Marcos, Nadya hurried to start an IVF procedure. It was a moment of great achievement in her life and she went ahead with a firm conviction. Despite all her motivation, things seemed difficult. Yes, this process is not child’s play and Nadya had to be patient.

At the time when Nadya wanted to get started, IVF began to be widely popularized. However, it was still one of the most expensive medical practices. Apart from that, this type of operation does not always promise total success. Despite all these setbacks, Nadya wanted to get going, because she did not want to be led by fate any more; she took her fate in her hands.

Usually, to succeed in IVF it is necessary to fertilize a good ten eggs. Indeed, when the eggs are inseminated, all do not stay there. In order to maximize the mother's chances of actually getting pregnant, it is necessary to work on several eggs at a time. For her part, Nadya was aware of this reality, but would her body comply?

Nadya knew she was lucky enough to have more than one baby at the end of an IVF pregnancy. She knew exactly that she was going to be inseminated with more than one fertilized egg in the uterus. She also knew that some of these "babies" were not going to hang on. In any case, the rule states that introducing at least two eggs into the mother's uterus is necessary. Nadya had to prepare for it.

In most cases, couples want to have only one child after IVF. Nadya, on the other hand, was not at all shy about having more than one child in one pregnancy. Indeed, the young woman lived and dreamed the idea of the large family. Nevertheless, some of her relatives dissuaded her from taking this path. At the time, however, there was still no question of becoming an Octomom for Nadya.

Even if some couples want only one child in a pregnancy, others dream of twins or triplets. For Nadya, having more than one child after nine months of waiting seemed to be the most wonderful thing. She knew she was not going to be shocked if she ever gave birth to more than one baby. However, she received some other news during her pregnancy.

Only a year after separating from her husband, Nadya managed to get pregnant by IVF. She decided to name the child Elijah. It was for her the just reward of her years of fighting to become a mother. She was very happy about her new situation. However, she knew she wanted to have more kids in her house. So what happened after Elijah's birth?

Only a year after bringing Elijah into the world, Nadya started another in vitro procedure to get pregnant. From this other attempt, her daughter Amerah was born. All her pregnancy experiences had so far worked so well that Nadya wanted to live another one. So, she decided to do other IVF and had twins as well as two other children. From there, her family was already big enough.

In the USA, having several children at home is no longer necessarily trendy; a sibling of six is already an incredible story in the country. Despite this reality, Nadya knew what she wanted. After giving birth to six children, she decided to do something extravagant. Moreover, her decision made the headlines across the USA.

Nadya decided she did not want six children. At that time, she became very popular in the US and the name of Octomom began to stick. Indeed, during the year 2008, Nadya went to see Michael Kamrava, the doctor who took care of her previous pregnancies by IVF. This time, she wanted another chance to get pregnant.

At that time, Nadya had six eggs already fertilized. These eggs were carefully kept in the hospital. As she is strongly against terminating a pregnancy, Nadya wanted to give each of her eggs a chance to become a human being. To abandon these eggs was a waste for her and she wanted to carry them at all costs … What did her doctor say?

In order to preserve the health of the mother, as well as that of the children, the doctor wanted to introduce only a reasonable number of eggs into Nadya's uterus. Indeed, the risks were considerable, especially for the mother. However, Nadya knew what she wanted. In the end, the doctor ended up giving in to Nadya's "whim". From then on, he told Nadya that she was going to live "a multiple pregnancy".

At the beginning of the procedure, it was agreed that Nadya would only receive her six eggs already fertilized. However, he finally implanted 12 eggs into her womb. As a reminder, normally, an IVF should only involve two eggs at a time. What was going on was therefore unethical. Despite the great risks she incurred, Nadya wanted to have this multiple pregnancy at all costs.

The doctor knew somewhere in him that he was in for trouble for agreeing to plant 12 eggs for Nadya. For her part, Nadya was happy. However, of the 12 eggs that were implanted, only (well, if only one can say!) 8 of them managed to survive. From that moment, Octomom was born!

Even if a multiple pregnancy is contrary to what is natural for a human being, Nadya, who has always dreamed of a house full of smiles, was very happy about it. The idea of becoming a mother of 8 more children after a pregnancy did not frighten her. However, it was necessary to wait, because nobody knew if all the fetuses were going to hold on for those 9 months. On the other hand, she already had 6 children and was living the reality of a single mom taking care of a whole tribe of children.

The case of Nadya Suleman has made the headlines. All agreed to call her "Octomom" even though she was not yet at the end of her pregnancy.

In the heat of the moment, Nadya was very happy with her new situation. For the general public, this was another subject of entertainment.

In addition, during her nine months of pregnancy, Nadya had to live very difficult moments. Indeed, carrying eight children in her belly is not an easy test!

Among those who followed the story of Octomom, there were those who found her resolution unthinkable. Yet her case attracted more than one follower. Indeed, the case of Nadia Suleman has been recorded in the world record books of pregnancy. In addition, her multiple pregnancy would naturally have a knock on effect in all areas of her life.

Most of the time, it has not always attracted the sympathy of others.

Nadya Suleman had a very risky pregnancy. However, she managed to maintain a healthy state over the course of nine months and gave birth to eight healthy and very beautiful babies! At the end of her pregnancy, the world was hooked on the case of Octomom as it never was. To everyone's surprise, everything had gone well, and the Octomom babies were all perfectly healthy.

According to the medical record of those who took care of Nadya’s pregnancy, Octomom’s octuplets are the first to have successfully made the journey of fetal life in such large numbers without being threatened.

When she had her eight babies, Nadya was extremely excited to have her six children meet their new siblings. It was an extreme happiness for her, but for some people it was a terrible shock.

The case of Octomom upset much more than the order of doctors. Indeed, across the entire planet, we spoke only of this woman who had octuplets.

After the birth of Nadya's eight babies, she had the privilege of being assisted by many doctors.

In addition, in those times, the fact that she had her children by IVF after being implanted 12 eggs was still unknown to all. For the masses, it was simply an object of fascination.

The thing was done and it was a real success. On the other hand, questions always flow into the minds of many people. Among the most frequently asked questions, those dealing with the possibility of carrying eight fetuses at the same time attracted the attention of researchers. Many people wanted to study to better understand what happened to Nadya.

Preceding the birth of her octuplets, Octomom was already being followed by the media. Her media notoriety was set up well before the birth of octuplets. Indeed, her pregnancy was a media hype and all could follow the development of things via a TV, web or through print media. After all, Nadya wanted to make her incredible case known to the world.

Nadya Suleman's main goal was to get her money back thanks to her image of Octomom. It was a natural turning point of course! In order to reap a few cents (and then she had to feed her tribe), Nadya Suleman did business with shock communicators. Still, the media world is filled with sharks and things were not going to be that easy!

After she alerted the press (visual, virtual, etc.) Nadya could no longer shrink from her choice, she had to own it! As you well know, the head can swell once celebrity is gained! Also, the various assumptions did not fail to get out of the thoughts of those who followed Nadya. Many believed that Nadya was mostly advertising her case to achieve fame. Yes, with her 14 children, including eight octuplets, she aroused great interest from all over the world. If it's not glory, we do not know it.

But everything was just beginning and Octomom was soon going to face the disappointment and rage of some followers. In the table of bad returns, she has conceded the name of irresponsible human, profiteer and many others. Negative comments on this subject flowed, but so did the testimonies of love.

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