All The 16 women who have been in a relationship with Vin Diesel will blow your mind

While his career has remained a topic of interest over the years, Vin Diesel’s love life has also garnered a great deal of attention from fans.

Mark Sinclair, otherwise known as Vin Diesel, is one of the world's most successful and highest-grossing actors and an important cultural icon in present-day Hollywood. Most popular for playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise, Diesel has appeared in several other franchises including Chronicles of Riddick and Guardians of the Galaxy and has made a name for himself as one of the best in the game.

But while his career has remained a topic of interest to the public over the years, Diesel’s love life has piqued an equal amount of attention from fans. This is really no surprise seeing that the actor has been linked to many beautiful ladies across the entertainment industry. Be it a relationship or a mere fling, these are the ladies Diesel has reportedly dated or had a thing with.

16 Samantha Phillips (1998-1999)

Vin Diesel was in a year-long relationship with American actress and model Samantha Phillips between 1998-1999. Interestingly, neither Diesel nor Phillips has talked about their relationship following the split but they have since moved on with other people.

15 Michelle Ruben (2000)

Michelle Ruben, an actress best known for her appearance in the 2002 movie  was rumored to have dated Diesel back in the early aughts. The speculation came after she was spotted going on multiple dates and attending private parties with him.

14 Myla Sinanaj (early 2000s)

Myla’s ex-boyfriend accused the model of being desirous and opportunistic. He listed Diesel as one of the people he was certain Myla cheated on him with. When this alleged affair happened was, however, not stated and neither Diesel nor Myla responded to the allegation.

13 Elisa Jordana (early 2000s)

It remains unclear when exactly, but Diesel and media personality Elisa Jordana dated for a few months back in the 2000s before eventually parting ways. Jordana has since moved on and is currently engaged to comedian and actor Andy Dick.

12 Kaya Jones (early 2000s)

The  star reportedly had a fling with the Canadian-American vocalist and model at the start of the millennium. The pair were spotted on several dates and looked to have had a lot of fun before parting ways for unknown reasons.

11 Chanel Ryan (2000)

2000 was an adventurous year for Vin as he was seemingly in different relationships and flings with different women including actress Chanel Ryan. The pair dated after meeting on a movie set and were often spotted going on dinner dates, movie dates, or sometimes just getting their groove on in the club.

10 Carmen Electra (2000)

Tara Leigh Patrick, professionally known as Carmen Electra, spent a lot of time with Diesel in the year 2000. This, of course, led fans to believe that they might have been romantically involved. Though they never publicly came forward, the two displayed a level of affection with each other before they eventually stopped hanging out together.

9 Summer Altice (2000)

American fashion model Summer Danielle Altice had an encounter with Diesel in March 2000 and they reportedly had a short-lived romantic relationship. At the time, Summer worked as a professional DJ in several Los Angeles nightclubs, where she is believed to have met the actor. However, despite the rumors, neither Summer nor Diesel ever confirmed their romance.

8 Michelle Rodriguez (2001)

After meeting on the set of The Fast and the Furious, Vin and Michelle Rodriguez reportedly started dating and were spotted on different dates together. However, despite being tagged Hollywood's next big couple at the time, Vin and Michelle did not go far with their romance as things ended as fast as they started.

7 Karrine Steffans (2001)

Karrine Steffans is an American author, best known for the  book franchises. Diesel reportedly dated Karrine following his breakup from Michelle Rodriguez and the duo were together for about 6 months between 2001 and 2002.

6 Layla Roberts (2002)

Diesel and playboy model Layla Roberts were rumored to have had a brief relationship in 2002, about the same time she was linked to NFL star Tom Brady. Their romance however did not last for too long and ended up being only a fling.

5 Asia Argento (2002)

Asia Argento is an Italian actress and filmmaker whom Diesel allegedly dated in 2002 while on the set of their movie xXx. "Vin Diesel is the best kisser in the world, better than anyone else I've ever had. The most attractive thing about Vin is his brain. That's his most attractive muscle,” Argento is thought to have said of the actor at the time.

4 Mariah Carey (2002)

Diesel was also rumored to have been involved with iconic singer Mariah Carey back in 2002. According to a source, the pair once caught up with each other in Aspen, perhaps as a way of avoiding paparazzi in the US. “Vin flew in on a private jet for a quick visit,” the source said. The actor reportedly later took Carey to dinner where he was spotted canoodling with her.

3 Shannon Malone (2004)

Vin Diesel reportedly dated Shannon Malone in 2004. The relationship with the actress lasted for some months before they decided to go their separate ways.

2 Maria Menounos (2006)

In 2006, Vin Diesel was rumored to be dating Maria Menounos whom he once publicly flirted with as she interviewed him. A pal of Menounos later revealed that the actress had a long-standing crush on Diesel and was thrilled with the relationship. Menounos and Vin dated for about a year before going their separate ways.

1 Paloma Jiménez (2007- Present)

Mexican model Paloma Denagustin Jiménez has been in a relationship with Vin Diesel since 2007 and they currently have three kids. The couple met in the early 2000’s before Vin appeared in the Fast & Furious franchise but did not start dating until 2007. Vin and Paloma have had their share of rough times with rumors of infidelity plaguing them from time to time. However, despite this, the duo’s love has only waxed stronger over the years and now they have the ultimate Hollywood power couple tag.

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