Mother Dog Gave Birth Chained Without Food In The Middle Of Nowhere

Mother dogs are probably the most vulnerable of all our misfortunate Greek little heroes. Giving birth alone, on the streets, nursing and caring some of the least fortunate puppies ever, desperately looking for food and water while leaving their off springs behind, to be the easiest prey for the worst of predators: humans.

Pregnant females and mother dogs are every volunteer's top priority. They should be every human's top priority, but humanity is just another word, a euphemism maybe, that we humans made up in order to cover up all the dirt we hide in our filthy, despicable souls.

So, here is a Greek mother dog. She was probably not a stray, she used to be someone's pet, and somehow she ended up giving birth alone, in the middle of the woods, without food or water, and tied with a rope.

So basically, someone's dog got pregnant, that someone put her in the car, drove all the way to …wherever that is, tied her with a rope, and left her there, without food, water or shelter, to give birth. To give birth while tied, hungry, thirsty and cold. To nurse and keep her puppies warm and alive, while tied, hungry, thirsty and cold.

It happened in a village near Nafplion, and the dog was there for ten days. Ten. Are you wondering how I know she was there for ten days? Well, that's what the post about her says. Are you wondering how her rescuer knows that she was there for ten days? Probably because the entire village knew – I am not joking, I swear I am not joking. Nobody untied her, nobody brought her a bowl of water, nobody did anything. This is the kind of society we (well, I) live in, and I am beyond embarrassed.

Her rescuers are in shock – well, I am in shock right now, just writing about it, imagine the people who were actually there (I mean the real people, the ones that took her in, not the people-like worms who carried on with their petty, miserable lives while she was dying in the nearby field.

She is emaciated, dehydrated and she barely has any milk left. She managed to keep her puppies alive for days in the most unstable weather conditions (cold, then rain, then extreme heat) and now she is finally safe. And she has that look in her eyes. That look that penetrates your heart and makes you feel deeply ashamed of the human species.

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